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Fat free

ExtraCellMatrix Drink Orange

ExtraCellMatrix ECM DRINK Orange

The founder's original for cartilage and joints, +20 nutrients - Orange flavour

ExtraCellMatrix ECM Drink Berry

ExtraCellMatrix ECM Drink Berry

The founder's original for cartilage and joints, +20 nutrients - Berry flavour

ExtraCellMatrix PRO

The ultimate in cartilage and joint care, +25 nutrients

ExtraCellMatrix Curma Plus Tabs

ExtraCellMatrix C-II CURMA PLUS Tabs

Tablets with type II collagen, turmeric, MSM... for cartilage, with +12 nutrients

ExtraCellMatrix C-II cartilage connective tissue

ExtraCellMatrix C-II TABS

Tablets with type II collagen for cartilage, with + 10 nutrients

ChondroCollagen cartilage and connetive tissue


Köstliche Formulierung für Knorpel und Gelenke - ohne Chondroitin

ExtraCellMan ideal for men who want to improve their body and well-being


Beauty, vitality and well-being of men


Beauty and well-being of women

ExtraCellBeauty berry for the skin, hair and nails

ExtraCell BeautyCollagen Berry-vanilla flavour

Beauty of skin, hair and nails - Berry-vanilla flavour

ExtraCellProtect to support the immune system and protect cells


Immune system and cell protection – vegan

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