Get the Motor Started

How to start the season right and prevent injury!

Optimise nutrition

Dr. med. Andreas Krüger (MD) and Dr. med. Anna Erat (MD/PhD) write in PoloTimes (March 2018) about how to start the sport season right and prevent injuries. Please click on below article.

Dr. med. Andreas Krüger is a Swiss board orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in Zurich, who specialises in knee and shoulder surgery. He is known as international Polodoc since 2013 and a member at the Legacy Polo Club in Switzerland.

Dr. med. Anna Erat (MD/PhD) is an internist specialising in sports medicine. She is the deputy head of the International Hospital Center Hirslanden, a national team doctor at the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, and a medical consultant for events such as Art on Ice, IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, and Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup.


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