Rosehip / cynorrhodon / Hagebutte ExtraCell

The unsuspected virtues of rosehip

Rosehip have a long history of proven success in many areas, including cartilage, bones, skin and metabolism, with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. Rosehip, a local jewel Rosehip is a false fruit rosehip (dog rose) and rose, which is notably found in Europe. It has powerful antioxidant powers, thanks to a high concentration of flavonoids, […]

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Collagen benefits ExtraCell

9 health benefits of collagen

Whether it is osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, skin aging or cellulite, oral intake of collagen peptides is good for the body. You, too, can benefit from the numerous properties of collagen ! What are the different types of collagen? Collagen is the most dominant protein in the human body and in mammals. It forms fibers in the […]

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