Swiss Alp Health Team

Swiss Alp Health is very fortunate to be able to count on exceptional employees: motivated, professional and friendly.
Coming from diverse backgrounds, each one shares the vision of promoting a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

Margaret is the CEO of the family business. After studying at the University of Geneva and a career in the pharmaceutical industry, she co-founded Swiss Alp Health in 2012. Her goal is to develop unique and complete natural formulations that are backed by solid scientific studies to support health. Her favourite product is ExtraCellWoman, as it contains more than 30 beneficial ingredients for beauty and health.
Ruedi, founding father, arthrotist and cartilage specialist. His left knee caused him problems and pain for many years after a sports accident at the age of 18 until he developed his own cartilage nutrition for himself. Nutritional support for joints was a new and little known area in the medical world. He was passionate about developing the best and most complete formulation for his knee - ExtraCellMatrix ECM Drink. He retired from running the family business to pursue his career in the pharmaceutical industry.
Office management
Marina completed her training in her hometown of Wolfsburg, Germany. She is responsible for supporting the management in various areas as well as for the correct processing of orders. Marina places a high value on healthy nutrition and carefully developed, high-quality products such as ExtraCellMuscle. The product is best suited after sports to promote muscle building.
Fabienne is the logistician of our company. She prepares the orders of various products and manages the stocks. She has a diploma in sales management and her commercial experience is highly appreciated. Fabienne discovered ExtraCellProtect and takes it to support her immune system and protect her cells from oxidative stress.
Therese is a member of the logistics team and prepares the orders in the company. She graduated from the HETS in Geneva with a degree in social work. She discovered the benefits of ExtraCellMuscle & Energy, which she takes after her fitness sessions.
Christelle is part of the logistics team and prepares the orders in the company. She is a certified medical laboratory technician and has worked in a hematology laboratory and was part of a research group. Her daughter discovered the benefits of ExtraCellMatrix after knee ligament surgery and an elbow fracture.
Sales Representative - Certified Pharmacy Assistant
Florence, a qualified pharmacy assistant with over 10 years' experience, is a medical delegate for pharmacies, doctors and health professionals. A saleswoman at heart, she supports, advises and trains the teams and professionals. Her favourite product is ExtraCellBeautyCollagen chocolate flavour, which she takes every day, and her family members are regular users of the ExtraCellMatrix range.
Sales Representative - Certified Druggist
Sara, a trained druggist with several years of experience, works in the field for pharmacies, drugstores, doctors and specialists. Her favourite product is the ExtraCellHyalo capsules. Thanks to the high-dose hyaluronic acid, she has achieved a significant improvement in her dry eyes and skin. She has also experienced great success with ExtracellMatrix Drink in her family.
Sales Representative - Certified Druggist
Désirée works in the field service for pharmacies, drugstores, doctors and specialists. After her training as a druggist, she completed various further training courses over several years and was thus able to deepen her medical knowledge. ExtraCellMuscle is her favourite product. She feels a significantly better regeneration and an increase in muscle strength, which always motivates her to keep moving.
Sales Representative - Certified Pharmacy Assistant
Jasmine is a qualified pharmacy assistant and works as a medical representative for pharmacies, drugstores, doctors and health specialists. ExtraCell BeautyCollagen is her favourite product. It contributes to the health of the skin, hair and nails thanks to its unique and complete formulation. After sport, Jasmine also uses ExtraCellMuscle&Energy for optimal muscle recovery.