Our story

With over 30 years of professional experience in the Swiss health and pharmaceutical industry, we have developed and marketed a large number of products in Switzerland and worldwide. Swiss Alp Health is the story of a passion for health care through specific nutrition based upon the selection of specific and proven nutrients to support our health: joints, muscle mass, beauty, skin, inflammation and the immune system, brain and vision.

At the beginning of this story: a football match…

At the age of 18, one of our founders tore his cruciate ligaments during a football match. A persistent staphylococcus infection and several operations triggered a loss of cartilage and severe osteoarthritis. The doctors said that there was nothing to be done and that one day he would have to replace his knee with a prosthesis. As he was too young at the time, he became interested in the biology of cartilage and connective tissue. On the basis of this knowledge, he developed, with the help of a team of scientists, a very complete, highly dosed and as natural as possible product for the nutrition of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones. This nutritional formulation contains all the elements that make up connective tissue as well as several antioxidants, which help to neutralise the free radicals that destroy tissue. More than 30 years later, he now has a better quality of life compared to the first ten years after his accident. He considers that he has achieved homeostasis in the affected knee (better stability, less swelling and pain). In parallel with adapted nutrition, he regularly trains his muscles and joints to work on stability, mobility and strength. He enjoys cycling, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and walking in the mountains. With this testimonial, he would like to encourage all those concerned to adapt their joint nutrition and sports activities in order to remain mobile for as long as possible.

… Now, a desire to help maintain the best possible health

With the aim of promoting health at any age, we create products that help develop and maintain our functional abilities, well-being and good health. We have extended our passion for ingredients and nutrition to many important areas by creating particularly comprehensive formulations that are unique because of their complexity and the optimal dosage of ingredients.