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Buy 2 or more Swiss Alp Health products (shakers, special offer not included) and receive a gift:

  • 1 ExtraCellHyalo, or
  • 1 ChondroCollagen, or
  • 1 Fitness Towel (grey or pink)

At the end of your ordering process, please note your choice of gift (and if towel please state the colour)

Orders from Switzerland and EU:

Payment with credit cards (Visa-Mastercard) with 5% immediate rebate
Invoice with postal payment slip,  only for existing clients.
Delivery costs (CHF 8.-) for orders below CHF 99.-

Other countries:

Payment with credit cards (Visa-Mastercard-American Exp.) with 5% immediate rebate. Delivery by DHL Express International. Flat fee CHF 30 as a participation in shipment cost. Client agrees to pay for possible import taxes/duties.

Product Price Quantity
ExtraCellMatrix Drink Orange ExtraCellMatrix DRINK Orange

126.00 CHF

ExtraCellMatrix Drink Beeren ExtraCellMatrix DRINK Berry

126.00 CHF

ExtraCellMatrix C-II ExtraCellMatrix C-II TABS

69.90 CHF

ExtraCellProtect ExtraCellProtect caps

44.00 CHF

ChondroCollagen – My daily Joint Shake with collagen & much more!

59.00 CHF

Extra Cell Muscle ExtraCellMuscle – complete formulation for muscles and more energy!

119.00 CHF

ExtraCellWoman ExtraCellWoman beauty, health & immune system

129.00 CHF

Beauty Collagen Matrix My complete beauty drink: Beauty Collagen Matrix with clinically tested collagen for beautiful skin and hair

99.00 CHF

Extra Cell Hyalo ExtraCellHyalo capsules for skin and joint hydration and cell protection

69.00 CHF

ExtraCellMatrix Drink et Tabs Special Offer – Joints – ExtraCellMatrix for cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones

459.90 CHF 400.00 CHF

ExtraCellWoman 100 jours Special offer 100 days beauty & well-being. 30 ingredients & 10’000 mg marine collagen!

528.00 CHF 420.00 CHF

Swiss Alp Health quality shaker drak grey Swiss Alp Health dark grey Shaker

8.00 CHF

Swiss Alp Health microfiber fitness towel grey

12.00 CHF

Swiss Alp Health microfiber fitness towel pink

12.00 CHF

Your basket is currently empty.

Your basket is currently empty.

Special Offer 120 days of joint support

3 monthly boxes of ExtraCellMatrix DRINK and 1 monthly box of the ExtraCellMatrix TABS (pills) plus one shaker for CHF 400.- instead of CHF 459.90 / for € 368 instead of € 423.10

Special offer 100 days ExtraCellWoman beauty & well-being 

Order 4 boxes of ExtraCellWoman and a fitness towel for CHF 420 instead of CHF 528 / for € 386.40 statt € 485.70
Over 30 ingrédients for women's health & beauty including high dosed marine collagen (10'000 mg per serving!)

ExtraCellWoman 100 jours

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