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Product Price Quantity
ExtraCellMatrix DRINK Orange

126.00 CHF

ExtraCellMatrix DRINK Berry

126.00 CHF

ExtraCellMatrix TABS

69.90 CHF

ChondroCollagen – My daily Joint Shake with collagen & much more!

59.00 CHF

ExtraCellMuscle – complete formulation for muscles and more energy!

119.00 CHF

Beauty Collagen Matrix new, clinically tested nutrition for elastic skin

99.00 CHF

ExtraCellWoman beauty&wellness

129.00 CHF

Special Offer – Joints – ExtraCellMatrix for cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones

447.90 CHF 400.00 CHF

Special offer 100 days beauty & well-being. 30 ingredients & collagen!

516.00 CHF 420.00 CHF

Navy blue Swiss Alp Health Shaker

8.00 CHF

Pink Swiss Alp Health Shaker

8.00 CHF

Your basket is currently empty.

Your basket is currently empty.

Special Offer 120 days of joint support

ExtraCellMatrix logo

3 monthly boxes of ExtraCellMatrix DRINK and 1 monthly box of the ExtraCellMatrix TABS (pills) plus one shaker for a total of CHF 400.- instead of CHF 455.90

Special offer 100 days beauty & well-being 

Order 4 boxes of ExtraCellWoman for a total of CHF 420 instead of CHF 516.
30 ingrédients for women's health & beauty including beauty collagen. Ideal for women after 45. 
You will receive a pink Swiss Alp Health shaker for free!