ChondroCollagen Drink

New formulation! ChondroCollagen Drink Type I & II – without chondroitin, with vegetable glucosamine, particularly suitable for people taking anticoagulants and/or who have an allergy to shellfish.


  • type I & II collagen
  • vegetable glucosamine sulphate
  • rose hip
  • vitamins
  • minerals

ChondroCollagen Drink is specially suited for a daily intake and has a delicious taste of vanilla-berry.

In a container of 200g. Price: CHF 59.-


10g powder (2 spoonfuls) in 2dl (200ml) water or milk. Stir well or use a shaker.

10g powder = 28kcal.

Pharmacode: 706 56 00

Available in pharmacies, drugstores and at professionals. 

Usual precaution:

Food supplements should not be used as a replacement of a balanced diet. Daily recommended intakes should not be exceeded. Not for children and teenagers. Keep out of reach of children.


59.00 CHF

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