Research & development

A desire to help maintain the best possible health

With the aim of promoting healthy body function at any age, Swiss Alp Health creates innovative nutritional formulations to support and maintain normal functional abilities and well-being. Our passion for ingredients and nutrition has led us to develop a number of particularly comprehensive formulations that are unique in their complexity and the right mix of ingredients. These ingredients are selected after extensive research of clinical studies highlighting their many benefits to the body. The formulations are designed with the utmost care by a multidisciplinary team of experts (pharmacists, food engineers, biologists, doctors). Our team regularly participates in several medical congresses in order to be at the forefront of the latest scientific discoveries.


Cartilage, joints, muscles

We are passionate about the biology of cartilage, joints and muscle tissue. Swiss Alp Health is a leader in the segment of nutritional supplements for the musculoskeletal system with a complete range supporting joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. Our products for the joints and our products for the muscles.


Immune system

The immune system is our body’s defence system. It is made up of several types of cells, mechanisms and molecules, which help our body to defend itself against foreign bodies (pathogens). Certain nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin C, contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Our products to support the immune system.


Skin, hair and nails

Swiss Alp Health specialises in nutritional support for the skin and connective tissue with exceptional formulations. Targeted and comprehensive supplementation can have a positive effect on our skin, hair, nails and all our connective tissues. Our products for skin, hair and nails.


Normal brain function and vision

ExtraCell Brain & Eyes: a complete formulation contributing to normal brain function and the maintenance of normal vision. Our product for the brain and eyes.


Our products support various health indications:

One of the founders of Swiss Alp Health, is an active member of the International Cartilage Repair Society ICRS research group ( ICRS brings together more than 1,200 renowned doctors, scientists and industry representatives who focus their research or clinical work on cartilage.