Research & development

A desire to help maintain the best possible health

With the aim of promoting health at all ages, Swiss Alp Health creates innovative nutritional formulations to develop and maintain functional capacity, well-being and good health. Our passion for ingredients and nutrition has led us to develop many particularly complete formulations, unique because of their complexity and the right dosage of ingredients. These ingredients are selected after extensive research of clinical studies highlighting their many health benefits. The formulations are designed with the utmost care by a multidisciplinary team of experts (pharmacists, food engineers, biologists, doctors). Our team regularly participates in several medical congresses in order to be at the cutting edge of the latest scientific discoveries.

Our products support various health indications:

One of the founders of Swiss Alp Health, is an active member of the International Cartilage Repair Society ICRS research group ( ICRS brings together more than 1,200 renowned doctors, scientists and industry representatives who focus their research or clinical work on cartilage.